• Zing Air Huntress Z Bow

The Air Huntress Z-Bow is BIG fun in a STEALTHY Package! READY, AIM, FIRE! Launch each XONIC Whistle Arrow over 95 feet! Set up cans for target practice or soot against a wall for bouce-back action! Catch it on the rebound! It's a whole new way to play!

  • Have your young shooter has the best chance to develop her shooting skills with the safety bow and arrows?
  • Since the suction cup Zartz is made with ultra-light foam, each arrow is safe & files over incredible distance
  • This is good for your 1st shot and Practice to get more accurate shots You can set up some cans for target practice
  • Shoot against a wall for bounce back action or set up dartboard and shoot with the zartz suction cup arrow that will not ruin your wall

Zing Air Huntress Z Bow